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Appeasing the Google gods

SEO is my bread and butter. It was the first thing that I learned as a digital marketer and, like most followers of the “way”, it is something of an obsession of mine. (Bless us, o’ John Mueller, with thy’ daily tweets.)

I have dealt with almost every kind of SEO there is (post-2010). Technical SEO, on-page, off-page, semantic; you name it, I’ve done it.

I provide auditing services for those who want to modernize their websites or are just in need of some fresh perspective.

Increasing traffic is the name of the game and this is almost always a given whenever I take on a new client. For examples of how I boosted traffic, please refer to my Projects page for some examples and case studies.

Souped-up, turnt’-up

From the foundations of being an SEO, I eventually made my foray into web development. The two really go hand-in-hand in a lot of ways, because, ultimately, search engines love to reward fast, efficient, and well-built websites.

At the moment, I am very competent in HTML + CSS and have a working knowledge of Javascript + PHP.

Learning webdev has not only enabled me more control and freedom when optimizing websites but has also made me a better communicator. There is a noticeable schism between dedicated, high-end developers and management at times. Because I speak the language, I can be the conduit between these two parties and ensure the two are getting what they need.

Not just articles, everything

This is where it all began. From humble origins as a digital writer to a full-fledged content manager, I know what good content really is.

Good content is not just writing a couple of long-form pieces and calling it good.

Good content includes creating topical roadmaps, having the right CTAs in place, internal linking to create contextual meaning, covering whole topics rather than just keywords to establish semantics; all of that and then some.

Good content doesn’t just attract either — it converts.

So whether you’re looking for someone to write content, plan content, or teach someone else how to do either, I’ve got you covered.

Bringing out the best

“You’re only as good as your team.”

I am a firm believer in collaborative effort: everyone working together to achieve a goal.

The key to success in this case is about leveraging others’ talent and applying people where they are most comfortable. This is what a manager does best, that is, they bring out the best in people.

I have proven experience coordinating team efforts and guiding people toward success. I can’t do everything all the time, and when the need is called for I will bring in those I know can get the job.

So call it what you will: The Squad, A-Team, The Band Reunited, doesn’t matter. We’re here to get the job done.

Going where your clients go

Just using one channel isn’t going to cut anymore. These days, you need to go at em’ from all angles to really get the message across.

Every good omnichannel marketing strategy needs sound SEM tactics to fill the gaps. Since SEO and SEM are so similar, the leap was an obvious choice for me.

I regularly supplement my client’s SEO strategies with SEM campaigns to catch any and all potential users. When put together, both are extremely powerful.

I mainly work with Google Ads but am also familiar with paid social media promotions. See the case study of Epic Backpacker Tours for an example of what can be achieved with PPC.

My Choice CMS

WordPress is one of the most powerful, customizable, and used content management systems on the web today. A staggering 43% of the internet uses WordPress to make their website.

Yet so few website owners actually understand the deeper workings of it. For all its robustness, WordPress can be overwhelmingly dense, and there is no “one “right” way to go about setting it up.

After years of diving deep and trial-and-error, I know WordPress like the back of my hand by now. I can get the most out of it and make your life as a website owner easier.

No more getting lost in endless WP dashboards; let me get straight to the root of the issue.

Need to see some examples?

Refer to my past work

Most of the work I do requires the use of several of the above skills together at once.

See how I apply myself and my toolset by checking out some of my work in action. Click the button below and you’ll be taken to the Projects page, where I’ve listed a few noteworthy examples and the techniques I used to get the job(s) done.