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Ralph who?

Hey there!

I’m a Portland-based digital marketer and webmaster with a passion for SEO and a fond appreciation for clean, user-friendly websites.

I want my websites like I want my food: simple, done right, and using only the finest ingredients.

I build websites from scratch (often for fun) and audit others looking for quick wins. Doubling or tripling traffic is a regular occurrence.

When I’m not building websites or helping to grow small businesses, you can find me climbing, surfing (waves), and perfecting my parmigiana recipe.

My skillset

Like any good craftsman, I have an extensive repertoire of skills, tricks, and tools. Here are a few that I offer…

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Frequent collaborators

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Writings and resources

As an avid writer and educator, I regularly create pieces of content for clients and those passersby. Sometimes, I just write for the hell of it…

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    Ralph’s Guidelines for Writers

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    My Go-to Upwork Pitches

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  • Ralph’s SEO Best Practices

    Ralph’s SEO Best Practices

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Ready to do this thing?

Because I sure am!

Let’s not mince words: I want to be a part of your next big digital project.

Whether it’s a website overhaul, building something from the ground up, or laying down SEO tactics and content strategy, I’m your guy.

So let’s not waste time either: send me a message with your thoughts and goals, and let’s get a plan together.

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