Nice to meet you, I’m Ralph

What’s my story?

I am a Portland-based digital marketer and webmaster who specializes in SEO. I regularly audit and provide clients with plans of action to maximize their presence on search engines and increase their exposure to potential clients.

When possible, I also build websites from the ground up to ensure that they have the proper foundations to perform and are as optimized as possible.

That being said…

I just like giving a hand

In all seriousness, there’s a lot to be overwhelmed by in the digital age.

Unwieldy content management systems (WordPress). Mercurial rules and regulations. Rampant AI abuse. John Mueller’s recent tweets.

It’s a lot to take and sometimes even more to handle.

Honestly, it’s really nice to have someone in the knowhow, who not only stays up-to-date with internet trends but regularly works in the online world.

Someone like me, that is.

I’m here to help make the online world a safer and less intimidating place. Not everyone needs to be a master coder or e-commerce shark to succeed in the digital age, but it pays to have someone who knows a thing or two about the internet close by.

Let me help you make the web a better place.

Frequently Asked Questions

My first ever remote gig was at a very large travel website. While there, the owner of the site drilled into my head mostly the importance of SEO. This was the foundation of my online skills.

Quickly, I learned that there was more to succeeding in the online world than SEO (as important as it is). I took it upon myself to learn as much as possible about everything digital, from SEM to webdev to e-commerce to spreadsheet hacking. I am still actively rounding out my skillset and will continue to do so.

Having lived in Italy for 4 years, I am conversational in Italian.

I have also dabbled in Portuguese and am currently learning Spanish.

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I am an avid outdoorsman. My favorite ways of getting outside are by surfing (yes, in frigid temps) and by climbing (alpine, not cragging).

I will often carry around my trusty Fujifilm camera with me and many of the photos on this website are from myself.

Interested recruiters and potential employers may refer either to my LinkedIn profile to see previous work experience or download a PDF version of my resume here.

Although I have been working almost entirely remotely for the past few years, I prefer the hybrid workplace. There’s just no simulating water cooler talk and I find that real synergy only happens when a physical space is shared. I am not against commuting into an office a few times a week if it means I get to work together with some stellar people.

Fifty, the last one being Senegal in Spring 2022.

Of those fifty countries, I have worked in a dozen and lived in four.

The top countries I would like to visit in the future include El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Japan, Algeria, and Peru.

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Reach out to me at any time – via the contact form – with any thoughts, aspirations, or dreams you might have for your business. I would love to talk more about them.